El-Maasara is a very poor industrial zone and the people thereby are needy, their needs are either medical, vocational or educational in addition to their pastoral needs. Thus under the patronage of H.G.Bishop Picenti, Bishop of Helwan & El-Maasara this workshop is one of the workshops which have been established in St-Barsoum EL-Erian monastery that aims to improve the standard of living in the area and to teach the girls some handicrafts and to find job opportunities to them.

As H.G. followed the proverb which says "To teach me fishing is better than giving me a fish".
There are approximate 50 girls working in this workshop, we allow girls who can not work at the monastery for different social reasons to work from home thus increasing the income of the family.

This workshop includes Genuine Leather sewn jackets and skirts, various crosses, burnt design work on bible covers and natural views, medals, purses, belts, key chains. We also print on artificial leather.

For more information about the monastery please visit St-Barsoum EL-Erian Monastery website.(www.saint-barsoum.com)